What We Do


We understand the complexity of business lending transactions.

We focus on deep and detailed solutions. We are data obsessed and use a multitude of integrations and technology solutions to remove friction for business lending customers.


Financial Spreading

Financials can be spread in minutes with minimal data entry, whether in PDF form (95%+ accuracy) or through Accounting Software Integrations (100% accuracy).

IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)

By integrating the multiple rich data sources required for making credit decisions, we allow for a radically customer centric approach.


Our easy-to-use serviceability module can be used by anyone, from junior branch staff through to credit managers.


Our commercial lending application form looks and feels like a retail form, and allows for multiple facilities, multiple entities and multiple integrations.

Behavioural Analysis

Detailed income and expense verification utilising 365 days of encrypted 256-bit transactional banking data, across multiple institutions.

Document Request

Our sophisticated document request and management system makes complex information gathering effortless. Translating PDFs and integrating accounting software (Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks) and bank statements has never been easier.


Create frictionless business lending transactions without lowering credit requirements.
Our market leading Loan Hero AI™ makes bankers smarter.
Specially tailored by lending experts for the Australian banking and regulatory environment.

Future proof your business lending team by investing the third generation of lending platforms.

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